Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ben and Elder Caetano singing "Nearer My God To Thee" in Portuguese at a member's home.
At a dinner appointment, where church members feed us, I explain the magic that is Churrasco...

Porto Allegre hosts the World Cup!  This video is beautiful and shows some sites of Porto Allegre.  I am not in Porto Allegre proper but when a game is in town we need to be inside two hours before game time as Brazil loves their futbol! Enjoy...

Trying something new- Videos! 30 Seconds with Elder Petty

I just wanted to try something new so I am using my awesome camera to make a short video answering questions I am asked in Letters!  (Hint- I LOVE Letters)  SO send me a letter with a question and I may answer it in a video.  Send more mail.  Always appreciated.  I love letters.

So here is the link to my first one:

Thirty Seconds with Elder Petty #1  "What is your favorite food in Brazil?"